How to CookMatcha Tea in Pregnant Days

How to CookMatcha Tea in Pregnant Days

Making matcha tea is simple, but if you are pregnant, then the effects of the tea can be potentially dangerous to your unborn child. While making the tea is not necessarily a bad thing, since it is required for cooking the tea properly, it does have some side effects that you might want to consider before going in for your pregnancy check-up.

The first step to making matcha green tea is getting the ingredients. You will need:

Matcha green tea


Blender (optional)

Next, you will need to heat up your water and melt the matcha into your water. Matcha green tea is made from leaves and requires boiling water to make it work properly. Do not use hot water or else you will burn the leaves. Always make sure to keep an eye on it while it is heating up, so that it doesn’t turn into a scummy mess.

Once the water has reached a boil, remove it from the heat and add the matcha powder slowly while constantly stirring. Don’t worry about how thick or thin you make it; that can be remedied in later steps when we talk about how to create custom blends for each person. Making sure that everything is well mixed is important and can prevent unsafe levels of nutrients from entering your bloodstream. Letting these nutrients enter your system can be bad for your health and could lead to an early labor experience due to hematological abnormalities found in those who ingest large amounts of improperly blended teas.

Now that all of the ingredients are added, let’s hop back into how we can cook this stuff! Custom blending allows us to create a recipe that tastes good and gets the job done right. Let’s dive right in!

Have a Delicious Breakfast for Your Partner

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for Your Partner Have a Delicious Dinner for Your Partner

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