How to Choose the Right Tea for You

How to Choose the Right Tea for You

If you’re a tea fan, then you might have heard about the many different types of tea that are out there. There are many different kinds of tea that can be used in the preparation of a beverage, and each has a different purpose. All kinds of tea can get pretty expensive, especially if you start buying them by the bag instead of by the cup (though that does increase the savings a lot). So how do you know which kind of tea is best for you?

Let’s first look at the three main categories of tea that we have to choose from: white, green and oolong. After that, we will go over some tips on how to choose the right kind of tea for you.

White Tea

White tea is made from freshly harvested leaves that haven’t been steamed or fermented in any way. Like most things in life, white teas can be healthy and unhealthy depending on how you use it. In moderation, it can be a great way to wake up and relax after a long day. However, drinking large amounts of white tea can lead to an upset stomach due to the chemicals that are found in the plant.

Caffeine content: Very low- None

Antioxidants: Low- High

Sugar content: Very high- QUIET noise Floaters!

Green Tea

Green teas are one of the oldest forms of teas ever discovered. They are made from young green leaves plucked from the top layer of growth as they unfold themselves. The antioxidants found in green teas are relatively new to science but seem to be very healthy for humans and pets alike. Some people even claim that using green teas has helped their eyesight become better over time. Caffeine content: Medium- High

Antioxidants : Extremely high- Quiet Noise Floaters!

Oolong Teas

Oolong teas are a bit more complicated than your standard green or white teas, but they also have plenty of health benefits associated with them too. Oolong teas contain partially oxidized oils and other natural substances that make them special among other teas. Caffeine content: Medium-High

Antioxidants : Very high-Quiet Noise Floaters!

Types of Teapots You Can Use To Make Your Tea

Metal Teapots: These pots aren’t made for only making oolong or green tea, but they can be used to make any kind of tea anyway. They feature a filter inside of them so that none of the particles go through to your mouth when you are drinking your tea. The advantage to these is that they aren’t as hot as some other pots and you don’t burn yourself when you are brewing your tea with this type of pot. Disadvantages include being relatively expensive and having to clean it every now and again (though not as often as some other types of pots). Glass Teapots: These pots are much like mason jars except larger and more elaborate design wise. They feature a little bit higher level than metal pots when it comes down to how well it keeps your beverage hot during the summer months and cold during the winter months. They are also easy to clean compared to some other types of pots. Disadvantages include being relatively expensive along with requiring someone else present who can wash it for you during cooking process (if you aren’t able to wash it yourself). Paper/Plastic Cups: Similar in design to paper plates and cups, only difference is that these”:[{“…}ers{“…}are designed for making ighttea rather than coffee or juice drinks. They Are very cheap in comparison t o metal cups, but keep your drink hot longer than metal cups do.

How Do I Store My Teapot?

It is important that you know how to store your teapot properly because if something happens and tupperware breaks or gets knocked over etc., then your valuable items can fall victim to theft 🙁 .

To prevent this from happening, make sure to lock up all doors leading into your house before leaving for good (such as taking out the trash), put all keys on a ring, place all valuables into storage containers outside (such as old sentimental jewellery) and make sure notto put anything breakable into these storage containers (such as glass objects). Then sit down before leaving and make sure notto miss anything important before closing out door behind you.

Once everything is secure, then sit back ground yourself with iced coffee or some nice blackberry pie

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