How to Choose the Right Matcha Tea for You

How to Choose the Right Matcha Tea for You

When you are searching for a new matcha tea, there are many things that you should be on the lookout for. The first thing that you should look out for is if it tastes good. After that, you should look at the ingredients and see if you can pronounce any of the chemicals that they contain. Finally, you should look at the packaging and see if you think that it looks cool or would make a good decorative piece in your home barista space.


Different teas have different flavours, and some teas even have different colours depending on how they are brewed. Looking around at other people who have tried the tea is also a great way to determine whether or not you will like drinking the tea. If everyone in your family likes drinking the tea, then there is a higher chance that you will like it as well. On top of that, sometimes we can totally judge a book by its cover, but then again, we’ll get to that later on in the article.

In order to properly assess whether or not you will like a tea taste, though, you must first know what kind of person you are when it comes to drinks. Are you an espresso fan? Does caffeine turn your stomach? Do people smell bad when they smoke around you? All of these things play into how we drink our coffee and decide whether or not we will like certain kinds of tea. The same logic applies to how we drink matcha tea.

Benefits of Matcha

If you haven’t tried matcha yet, then prepare yourself for one of the most energized sessions of your life. It may be strong enough to give some people 109 energy points (although probably not too many). It’s no wonder why this powder is so popular in Japan; they love their energy drinks and this gives them the perfect balance of energy without having too much caffeine.

There are many benefits to drinking matcha green tea, including but not limited to:

Stress Relief – Drinking matcha has been known to relieve stress and give relaxation throughout the day. This is partially due to the fact that it is naturally sweet and contains antioxidants which help us with stressful times.

Good Immunity Booster – Similar to how drinking cow’s milk has multiple health benefits for humans, including being an immunity booster for our kids, sheep and goats alike enjoy drinking matcha as well. This includes giving their immune system a boost so they can fight off diseases better.

Lowers Cholesterol – There are many healthy fats found in grass-fed ramsesian sheep milk which lowers cholesterol and aids in the prevention of heart disease. One particular component of blood serum called cardiolipin has been shown through research to lower cholesterol by over 15% when eaten daily! With all these health benefits tying together nicely, it is no wonder why so many doctors recommend lactose free Matcha green tea as a way to get more nutrients into your diet!

How Do You Make MatchA Tea?

Making matchA tea isn’t too difficult once you get used to it, however, preparation is key! Letting yourMatchAteas steep for 3 minutes is highly recommended before consumption whereas only 1 minute would allow your body systems time to respond properly. After brewing your MatchAteas; don’t forget about it as letting it steep for too long can cause bitterness . Once done steeping, just add water until the desired thickness is reached and enjoy!

As I mentioned before, matching with someone else’s flavour preferences can be tricky but hopefully after trying some new things together yourself, you can find something good enough to share with your friends and family! Maybe even put together an online store front so everyone else can buy from you? That would be pretty sweet…haha okay sorry back onto topic 😛

As always thanks for reading!

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