Body author to speak at Sustainability Summit

Body author to speak at Sustainability Summit

Sibel will be one of the many speakers at this years Sustainability Summit, and she will be speaking on how to make better food choices for the environment. There are many different ways that you can eat more sustainability, and Sibel has many tips that you can use to create a more sustainable lifestyle.

Use Less Plastic Bags

Using plastic bags is relatively common when you go shopping, but if you think about it for a while, using those plastic bags is not so great for the environment. They take hundreds of years to completely break down, and they end up in the ocean where they can potentially cause harm to marine life. If you have to use a plastic bag, then at least try to use one that uses less plastic.

Carry Your Own Shopping Basket

Shopping cart stables are a pretty big part of creating a unsustainable lifestyle, and if you don’t carry your own shopping basket, then you are greatly reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you choose to use one of those foldable ones or a hand-held shopping basket, being able to walk around with it and pick out what you want is much better for the environment than going to the store and buying everything from scratch.

Properly Store Your Leftovers

If you have leftovers from your meal, then properly storing them is important so that they don’t become bad bacteria or expire before they reach their expiration date. Having good food hygiene is incredibly important when it comes down to preparing food that hasn’t been previously stored properly. The best way to store your leftovers is by adding them to an existing recipe that you already have prepared. This will extend the life of your leftovers and make sure that no bad bacteria gets into the container.

Buy Fresh Ingredients Whenever Possible

If possible, buying fresh ingredients is the best thing that you can do when trying to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only will it taste better than frozen foods, but having fresh fruits and vegetables reduces the amount of waste that you produce by quite a bit. Going with fresh proteins also isn’t too bad of an option, depending on what kind of proteins you prefer. When buying fresh ingredients, it is also important to note the peak seasonings and storage times for each ingredient so that you can plan out your meals properly and not experience massive delays or disappointment when cooking with fresh ingredients.

For most people, cooking at home typically is cheaper than ordering in restaurants every single time., However, in cases where You have to cook outside of your home due to allergies or dietary restrictions, then going out seems like the best option compared to making reservations at a restaurant or purchasing takeout from a restaurant. Whether dining in or dining out, there are plenty of options available so long as you know what stores sell healthy food options and how to prepare healthy foods at home.[1]

About Sibel Dini:

Sibel Dini is an international chef who has been featured on Food Network,[2] Travel Channel,[3], Health Magazine[4], Woman’s Day[5], Leite’s Culinaria[6]and More! She became internationally known through social media groups such as Taste Trackers [7]and her own private Facebook group called “Sibels Cooking Creations” where she shares her recipes with other chefs around the world.[8] Her YouTube channel “All Things Dine” has over 10k subscribers and she runs recipe contests on there every once in a while.[9] She recently released her first book entitled The Cooked Food Bible which reached #12 on Amazon’s Best Seller list within its first week of release.[10] With all of Sibels success through social media groups and her own personal efforts; she definitely represents what everyone wants out of their diet: Healthy Eating Without Sacrifices!

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