6Healthy Matcha Tea Lattes to Look For in 2019

6Healthy Matcha Tea Lattes to Look For in 2019

Matcha tea is one of the most popular teas out there, and for good reason. It has a rich history and has been used since the 15th century in Japan as a way to improve mood and energy. There are many health benefits to drinking matcha tea, especially when you are trying to become healthier and happier in your life. Here are some healthy matcha tea lattes that you can buy so that you can join in on the matcha tea revolution and start feeling better and live fuller lives.


Caffeine is the world’s favorite stimulant, and it’s also present in matcha tea. Trusting a stranger with your caffeine is probably not the best idea, but having a healthy dose every once in a while isn’t going to kill you. Even though it is an acquired taste, people very gradually become accustomed to it and develop a dependency on it. This isn’t too much of a concern unless you love your caffeine, because then there is the risk of withdrawal symptoms if you don’t have your daily dose.


Antioxidants are essentially chemicals that stop other chemicals from breaking down or killing you. Many foods contain antioxidants, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. However, these foods typically aren’t covered in powdery goodness, like how we enjoy our coffee beans and Matcha green tea leaves. Drinking matcha with antioxidants will give you all of the health benefits of drinking matcha without dying from heart failure or breaking your bones from slipping on ice cubes.

Highly Alkalizing

Alkaline water is something that many people fear when they start drinking coffee alternatives. Milk, juices and other beverages naturally contain acids that can lower the pH of your blood if you drink enough of them, thus potentially harming your health. Thankfully, Matcha contains highly alkalizing properties so that even if you do manage to spill some milk into your cup, it will come back up being perfectly fine thanks to the high acidity of Matcha. No more need for purchasing expensive alkaline water!

Lowers Risk Of Stroke

Studies have shown that those who regularly use caffeine have a greater risk of suffering from stroke than those who don’t use caffeine at all. However, those who drink Matcha have much lower risks of developing stroke than those who don’t drink Matcha at all. Whether this is due to antioxidant properties or cutting down on overall caffeine consumption is uncertain, but it can definitely be a good sign that Matcha may be able to help prevent stroke (and possibly other kinds of cancer) later on in life.

Mental Health Benefits

While caffeine may be known for giving people energy, it also has been known to produce feelings of euphoria and increase focus/attention span Dopamine is released in the brain upon ingestion of caffeine which causes these effects While there aren’t too many clinical studies done on Matcha yet, there are many anecdotal reports from users about how it has improved their focus and concentration abilities leading them to become more alert and energized .

Stress Relief

Since stress is something that most people worry about on some level, finding a productive way to relieve stress is something that everybody should try at least once! Caffeine provides stress relief by increasing bloodstream flow and reducing anxiety Since both hormones play a role in how we feel under pressure , caffeine can lead to an increase in happiness despite having no effect on performance Unfortunately for us humans, there are some side effects to consuming too much caffeinated products that we should be aware of before marathon sipping on our next bag o “matchas” : jitteriness , anxiety , nervousness , stomach pains etc… These side effects aren’t worth it because let’s be honest: waiting for an energy boost from coffee isn’t exactly what everyone wants out of their morning routine anyways! If you are concerned about becoming addicted to caffeine or want to experience the benefits of using caffeine but without any potential downsides later on down the line then consider switching over to drinking matches!

As you can see there are lots of healthy reasons why one would wantto switch over from drinking regular coffee to using matches as their sole source of coffee consumption! Using matches as your main source of caffeine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either; far removed from its origins as a cheap meal substitute for soldiers living overseas where access to fresh food was limited at best! If you haven’t tried making yourself a healthy cup o “coffee alternative″ then give these tips shot glass sizes ago? they work great as gifts too!) You might also enjoy reading How To Brew The Best Macchiato Ever article published here on Upottee Today !!!!!! Happy Shopping! Upottee Team

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