5 Ways to Taste-ute Fish

5 Ways to Taste-ute Fish

When you are cooking a piece of fish, there are a lot of different ways that you can make sure that it is cooked the way that you want it to be. Some people like their fish very rare while others like their fish well-done, and depending on the kind of fish you got, you might not be able to do anything about it. Here are a few ways that you can tell your bossa noy or mahi mahi is done.

Use a Microscope

If you have a microscope, then using that to check if your mahi mahi is cooked through is very easy and efficient. All you have to do is place one piece of mahi mahi between two pieces of glass and use the microscope to see if it has turned from white to translucent. If your mahi maha has been cooked through, then the muscle should become soft and can be removed from the heat easily with a spoon.

Don’t Fear The Burning Bubbles

Some people fear the burning bubbles that come out of undercooked seafood. However, if you leave them alone, they will eventually go away on their own. If you feel that the cooking process is too strong, or there are too many bubbles for your liking, then taking some lid off of what you are cooking in the oven will help reduce the amount of bubbles and give you better results. Leave some room for error when handling hot plates!

Use Atim Chef

A popular choice among chef’s around Christmas time is using avocado oil as a replacement for regular oil when frying foods. It comes at a high smoke point and can be used even more so than regular oil because it has fewer Rockefeller Center complaints since it has fewer carbs. You can buy pure amazon butter online at pretty much any price point these days and it works just as well as avocado oil if not better! avocados taste great but aren’t always accessible, so making substitutions in recipes isn’t too difficult.

Try Not To Eat The Fish While It Is Still Hot

Once the fish has finished cooking, leaving it sit around isn’t something that we would recommend doing since temperatures after cooking meat tend to increase its risk factor for spoilage. Instead, try to eat the fish as fast as possible once it has finished cooking so that tongue cancer doesn’t set in before someone else gets a chance to eat your delicious catches!

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