5 Types of Tea to Choose from for Your Resume


5 Types of Tea to Choose from for Your Resume

When you are creating a resume, there are a lot of different aspects that you have to worry about, and one of the hardest parts about creating a resume is figuring out which types of tea you should include it. There are many different kinds of tea that you can include on your resume, and depending on the position that you are trying to get for, some of them might be more suitable than others. Here are a few different options that you have for including tea on your resume.


Oolong is a type of tea that is ranked higher than black tea on the spectrum of teas that we enjoy. It is has a very strong taste, and isn’t too popular amongst people. However, it does have health benefits associated with it, such as caffeine and anti-oxidants. Including oolong tea on your resume can show that you are passionate and committed to healthy living.

Black Tea

Black tea is the most common kind of tea that you will find in restaurants and bought by consumers. It has plenty of flavor, and is very healthy when consumed in small amounts. The majority of people don’t eat enough black tea to make an impact on their diet, so including this type ofTea on your resume shows that you are willing to try new things and take on challenges.

Shaolin Tea

Shaolin or Buddhist Tea is considered to be something specialised for monks to drink during meditation. It is usually very sweet and containsmateine, which gives it its bitter taste. Include Shaolin Tea if you love drinking something unusual but love the taste! You can also include some information about how the monkies prepared this tasty treat for your readership.

Laughing Green Tea

Laughing Green Tea is very unusual in flavour, and is known for giving people greenish coloured urine when they consume it. This kind of tea is high in tannin content, and may be included if you need something to keep your attention while reading through long documents late at night while sleeping (Don’t do it during the day!). The high concentration of tannin in this kind of tea makes it difficult to digest, so make sure that you don’t overdo it with these sorts of teas!

Jasmine Rice Teapot

Teapots aren’t just for brewing up coffee anymore; they can also be used for serving jasmine rice teas! These teas contain plenty of antioxidants and can really perk up your day. Not only that but they look great on any table setting when served along with some snacks. If you get the opportunity to serve someone this sort of tea, put everything out onto the table and see what happens! You might be surprised at how well everyone talks together over a cup or two cups of jasmine rice teapot soup.

Fruit Tea

If none of the other kinds of tea float your boat (or boatfloat), then you could always include some fruit flavoured teawith your resumes! Flavours like lime and strawberry aren’t too uncommon, especially in light pink or white colour schemes.


Last but not least we have coffee! Yes, coffee can fit under the umbrella term “tea”, especially since it comes from the seed pod called coffee beans. Like most processed foods coffee loses some nutritional value due to being processed, but overall it is a very healthy food choice compared to many other options available today). Including coffee as part size method shows that you mean business when it comes down to showing off your skills and getting hired!

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