5 Tips for Using Matcha Tea to fight Diabetes

5 Tips for Using Matcha Tea to fight Diabetes

As a society, we are becoming more and more health conscious. People are trying to eat healthier and live longer, and while many of these things are still considered “quirk” by most people, it is getting harder to find healthy things to eat that aren’t considered “boring” or “default”. Fortunately, there are foods out there that you can buy that not only make you feel great, but can also be used to fight against diseases such as diabetes. Here are some ways you can use matcha tea to fight against diabetes.

Add Some Sugar to Your Tea

If you love the taste of matcha tea, but would like to add a little bit of sweetness to it, then adding some sugar to your tea will do the trick. Not only will it give you the sweet taste you desire, but it also has plenty of other nutrients that you need for health. Just remember not to drink your sugar-filled tea too often, as excessive sugar can be bad for your health.

Add Some Milk

Even if you don’t want any sugar in your tea, sometimes adding a little bit of milk can make your tea a lot better. Adding milk not only thickens up your tea so that you can enjoy drinking it more, but it also has plenty of calcium in it which is great for strengthening bones and keeping them healthy. If you haven’t been getting enough calcium in your diet, then supplementation is probably worth considering. However, if you are consuming enough calcium through diet and exercise, then dairy isn’t necessary. You should avoid drinking MILK FROM Cows though, as that doesn’t contain as much vitamin D as milk from cattle raised on pasture. If you must drink cow’s milk, then try and pick up some fortified soy or rice milk at the grocery store (or online) to use in place of cow’s milk.

Add Some Green Teas

While matcha is the most common type of green tea used in desserts and food products due to its high quality (aroma and nutrition wise), there are other kinds of green teas that you could be using that would taste better than regular green tea. Maybe you have a few bags stored away from when you went camping last summer? Either way, adding some green teas into your diet will help improve the flavour of your day and give you a healthier alternative instead of reaching for something unhealthy off the menu at restaurant.

Add Some Honey or Sweetener

Honey sounds relatively gross until you think about how bees create honey with flowers). Yes, even though honey might seem relatively sweet on its own, adding lots of fresh lemon or lime juice can really bring out the flavour and make drinking honey quite enjoyable. Or maybe you just want something sweet? In this case, using just a splash of sweetener will do the trick! Even though artificial sweeteners aren’t really one hundred percent natural (they were created in a lab), they are still much better for you than anything else on the market today.

Use Matcha Tea as an Excuse to Have More Green Teas

Speaking strictly from a flavor perspective (because ultimately what matters is what we feel), matcha tastes best when mixed with green teas. So buying yourself some new kind of green tea is perfectly fine seeing as they are completely free and natural for us to buy! If one type becomes unavailable (like if they stop producing it), then switching over to another kind entirely shouldn’t be too hard – just swap out servings of greens! Here are some other recipes that use matcha tea:

Cereal Meals: Adding honeydew melon flavor into my daily bowl o’ cereals has greatly improved their taste thanks to this revelation! I now add about two tablespoons each morning before I go off to work so that I can have something delicious during my commute journey. After work I usually go straight home so I don’t have time for lunch yet (~30 minutes drive) but since I added honeydew melon cereal meals during my commute I don’t have to worry about fasting until later in the evening anymore! Win-win situation here people!

Puddings: A couple different puddings call for using matcha instead of regular old green tea -Chocolate Covered Cherry Pudding- yes please!: Simply replace every cup (<– important part)of regular cream with matcha powder and whisk till combined well; chocolate pudding is now yours Broccoli cheddar soup style pudding: Chop up some broccoli into small pieces and boil them until soft – let cool slightly before putting them into food processor; repeat process with cheddar cheese soup Whipped cream: Last step before serving everything up is mixing together whipped cream; top with extra bitserious chocolate bars (if desired):

Toasty Snack Mixes: These mix-ins sound weird at first but trust me they are fantastic onceyou try them! Buy yourself some salted pretzels or raisins cookies and prepare these snack mixes accordingly Combine all ingredients except pretzels in a bowl; top with rais salt Pretzel twists Add pretzel twist after thoroughly mixing together all ingredients

The possibilities for using Matcha Tea are endless once you get used to it! This light brown grassy flavoured stuff tastes pretty good even without any additional flavourings added into it, so hopefully after reading this articleyou will start seeing reasons why purchasing Matcha Tea is beneficial for your health goals! For more ideas on things that you can do with Matcha Tea check out Taobao’s page on how to use Matcha Tea

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