5 Tips for Matcha Tea at Home

5 Tips for Matcha Tea at Home

Making matcha tea at home isn’t as easy as buying the box and putting some leaves in hot water, but it can be a very enjoyable experience. When you make your own tea, you have total control over the ingredients that are going into your cup of tea, and you can pour yourself exactly how much tea you want. With just a little bit of preparation and spending a few dollars, you can have an amazing time making matcha green tea at home and have yourself a wonderful relaxing time.

Here are five tips on how you can make matcha green tea at home.

01) Use Higher Quality Ingredients

If you are using cheap ingredients to make your tea, then you will likely get a poor outcome from using those ingredients. However, if you are using high quality ingredients, such as fresh herbs and sustainable meats, then you will get a much better outcome than if you use ingredients that are poor in quality.

02) Add Lots of Herbs

Herbs like lemon verbena, Chamomile and Origanum improve the flavour of any drink and can be used quite often without having too much of an impact on the body. Adding these herbs to your matcha green tea makes it more flavorful and refreshing.

03) Use Fresh or Frozen Ingredients

Using fresh fruits and vegetables is always the best way to go when making any kind of food or drink at home. However, sometimes they aren’t available or they aren’t looking as good so using frozen fruits and vegetables is a great way to give your drinks a little bit of flavor while not having to resort to buying another frozen dinner from McDonalds every now and again.

04) Don’t Be Afraid to Boil Water

When you make iced tea or iced Green Tea, then boiling the water is optional depending on what kind of iced tea/green Tea that you want to make. However, when you are making regular green Tea, then boiling the water is required since otherwise the flavoring won’t be able to expand throughout the whole pot of water. If you don’t boil the water though, then your house won’t be filled with those delicious smelling fumes that come from boiling up all kinds of organic materials!

05) Purchase Pre-Flavored Teas

Teas that come with bags or boxes need to be flavored before they can be drunk. These teas usually haven’t been sweetened yet either so they taste pretty bad before being flavored. Purchase some pre-flavored teas and create your own flavored teas! This tip goes great with #4 since it allows you to make iced teas out of even semi-fresh berries!

Create Your Own Packages

When buying loose leaf teas, especially large packages (more than about 2 oz.), it is relatively common for them to not include any flavorings whatsoever. This can be unfortunate since most stores that offer loose leaf teas don’t carry very many varieties or packages without adding something specialto them. When creating your own packages though, You save money compared to buying the same amount in the store AND You have full control over what goes into each package which gives even more customization opportunities! Plus You get to choose how strong they are…the options are limitless when it comes down to putting together your own packs! Here are some other combinations You could do when creating your own packages: combining different flavors for one pack; combining different brands for one pack; creating larger sizes (like mixtures between 5oz-10oz cups) etc etc etc… there are literally hundreds if not thousands of possibilities for combining packages until You run out of ideas!

As You Can see, There Are Many Opportunities For Creating Your Own Packages!! Having Great Teaspoons Is Also A Priority – Make Sure They Are Clean And Dry Filled To The brim Is An Important Note To Remember!! If You Overfill The Teaspoons Too Much Then It Will Be Difficult To Stir The Tea Properly During The Brewing Process And You Might Receive A Very Unusual Taste From Your Drink!!! Finally I Would Recommend Buying In Bulk And Using Discount Codes So That You Can Try Making Some Of These Recipes For Less Than $5 !! This Recipe Makes About 3 Cups Of Matcha Green Tea – Depending On How Strong You Want Your Version To Be It Could Measure Up To Approximately $3 Per Cup!!! Large Bowls Are Also Important For Those Who Have Trouble Feeling Satisfied With Their Current Selection Of Measuring Tools For Making Matcha Green Tea At Home…. Thanks For reading!! I hope this was helpful in some way!!! 🙂

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