5 Tips for Making Matcha TeaStarbucks


5 Tips for Making Matcha TeaStarbucks

If you’re a fan of Starbucks and enjoy drinking matcha tea, then you will certainly enjoy these tips that can help you make the best matcha tea at home. Whether you prefer iced or hot tea, there are many ways that you can make the experience at home better than going to Starbucks and getting a fancy cup of tea.

Stove Top

The stove top is probably the best way to make sure that your tea is nice and strong. Just add water to your stove top and boil it, then remove from heat and let it sit for a few minutes. During this time, the water will become chilled and ice will start forming around the edges of your pot. This is what determines how strong your brew is going to be, the colder the water is when you boil it. You can also use this method to make very strong ices that can be used as beverages instead of just sweets for your coffee table.

Pour Some Out

Once you have boiled your water, poured it out and made your tea, don’t throw away all of the leaves that are in your cup. Instead, pour some out and set them aside in a bowl or container. These should be put into an airtight container so that they can last until the end of time (at least I think they do). Leave some room in your bag or purse for holding these prized leaves, because they can lose their flavour after a few days outside of the bag.

Iced Matcha Tea

Making iced matcha tea is really easy and efficient, especially if you have a machine that makes cold drinks. Simply mix some ice with some sweetener and milk or cream (or all three) until you reach your desired sweetness level. Then add yourMatcha tea powder to one side of an Iced Maker bag (if using) or an old fashion glass bottle and shake vigorously until mixed well. Then place inside an ice tray and wait for hours for it to become frozen solid! Pick up with a fork in the middle and break off pieces! Store leftover pieces in an airtight container in the freezer for later use.

-Alternatives- If you don’t have access to an iced maker or don’t want to spend money on one, then putting fresh lemon juice on top of sugar will make a good enough version of iced matcha tea. Lemonade has lots of healthy nutrients so you won’t have to worry too much about wasting any ingredients when you are making this drink at home. Just keep in mind that it isn’t as concentrated as other kinds of teas so you will need to use more than usual per drink.

Hot Matcha Tea

Making hot matcha tea is pretty easy too! Just add everything but the milk into a microwave safe mug then add milk until its to your liking (hotness). This recipe makes a good amount so there’s no need to waste any by not being able to finish it! If saving leftovers is something that worries you, then using slightly less milk should do the trick perfectly fine since there’s still plenty of flavour there even if part of it goes bad before reaching its expiration date.)

Use Hot Water And Hot Milk

Using hot water and hot milk when making matcha tea will give you a much better outcome than using lukewarm or cold water would give you. Using room temperature water would definitely ruin the taste compared to using cool but not cold water. Be careful though since letting hot liquids spill onto yourself burn isn’t fun!)

Use A Teapot Or Small Pot

If you have access to use either a teapot or small pot while making matcha tea, then go for it! They make bringing drinking glasses full off medicated goodness much easier than pouring each serving into a different cup or mug.) The teapot especially is great for making iced teas year round but having one around during summer months can be particularly useful.)

Use A Coffee Mug As A Cup Holder For Your Hot Tea Or IcedTea

For those people who like having both hot AND icy drinks at once, using a coffee mug as a kindle holder for iced/hot teas is an excellent way to get two cups out without having to switch between between pots and mugs.) holders are also cheaper than buying two separate mugs or mason jar glasses.) When using two holders, placing one on top of another gives you an even larger surface area on which to put Ingredients such as sugars and honey .) In fact, due not only saving money but also reducing wastefulness , going with this approach over buying multiple mugs could prove itself quite beneficial not only financially but also environmentally speaking.)

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