5 Recipes for Matcha Tea that You Can Make Yourself

5 Recipes for Matcha Tea that You Can Make Yourself

Matcha is a type of tea that many people have never heard of, and they are probably wondering why on earth would you want to drink something called matcha. Well, prepare yourself for an awakening, because here comes the best part about matcha tea, and that is how you can make matcha tea at home without having to pay an incredible amount of money for it.

The best part about matcha is that it is very rare and hard to find. You can guarantee that only high-quality ingredients are used in the creation of your matcha beverage, and depending on what kind of dish you are drinking it out of, you can even taste some pretty sweet notes in there.

Matcha is a whole leafy green tea that has been processed by hand and typically use a water extraction process to get the delicious flavor that we all know and love out of it. With this in mind, you can see why buying pre-made or bottled matcha might be more appealing than making your own.

How to Make Matcha Tea

Making your own matcha tea isn’t too difficult, especially if you have the right tools for the job. Here are a few tips on how you can make excellent matcha tea at home.

Use Fresh Leaves

If you want to get the highest possible quality out of your matcha tea, then using fresh leaves is your best bet. Reusing old leaves or cutting corners by using prepackaged leaves isn’t going to give you the best results. When you are purchasing your Matcha, make sure that it says “freshly steamed” on the package, this means that there was no contact with light before packaging, which can reduce the lifespan of the Matcha significantly.

Use High-Quality Water

Something that isn’t often thought about is the quality of water that goes into preparing Matcha tea. Most restaurants use filtered water, but when you are at home just checking out what makes your water different than everyone else’s, then potentially excluding contaminants could be an issue. If you don’t think anything should be excluded from being in your water bottle then Sterling or carbon steel will be fine to use, but if you want to include some things then stainless steel will be better for those Thatincludes tasting good).

Add flavorings!

Even though freshly made Matcha has a very strong flavor, adding some flavorings before drinking it can change and enhance the flavors quite a bit. Flavoring options include citrus fruits, honey glazed walnuts (highly recommended), chocolate chips (highly recommended), and cinnamon pieces (highly recommended). If you aren’t one who uses sugar very often or even ever then trying replacing some cups of sugar with cinnamon will really bring out the flavour nicely; not just in Matcha but everywhere else as well!

As you can see, making Matcha tea at home is surprisingly easy and relatively cheap compared to buying it pre-made. For an everyday occurrence reaction – like taking medicine – making homemade matches is much better than buying a prepared solution. If you enjoy drinking black teas or experimenting with different flavors then making your own matches is definitely worth looking into!

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