5 Reasons Matcha Tea is the New Coffee: The Good, The Bad, and What to Do About It

5 Reasons Matcha Tea is the New Coffee: The Good, The Bad, and What to Do About It

When you are a parent, there are many things that you want for your children, and one of them is to have a healthy lifestyle. Having good health isn’t always easy, as we tend to go to places that give us unhealthy food and drink options. However, if you stick to your guns and choose to only drink premium teas, then you will be doing your part in giving your child a healthy lifestyle. Here are four reasons why you should be drinking matcha tea instead of coffee.

The Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

If you have ever been curious about the health benefits of matcha tea, then you might be surprised at how healthy it is compared to other kinds of tea. The health benefits of matcha tea far outweigh the calories and sugar that it has, and considering how cheap it is to buy in bulk, it is well worth your time to pick up a matcha tea habit.

Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides

If you have any kind of lipid disorder, such as cholesterol or triglyceride abnormalities, then drinking matcha tea can help improve your health tremendously. The flavonoids in matcha aid the enzymes that break down triglycerides and cholesterol in your liver, thus reducing the amount of cholesterol that gets stored in your body. If you want to see significant reductions in either blood cholesterol or triglycerides, then drinking matcha tea on a daily basis is the best thing that you can do.

Sodium Content Is Lowered

Doing straws with liquid additions for iced coffee drinks has become quite the norm, and I’m sure that you don’t want to keep up with those habits if you want to have a healthier lifestyle. One of the ingredients found in most iced coffee drinks is sodium benzoate, which is an artificial flavor enhancer that can be bad for your health due to high salt content (more on this later). In contrast, many times sea salt has been used instead of regular table salt in my personal experience, and they taste exactly the same. Lowering your salt intake is not only good for your cardiovascular system but also can lead to weight loss because less sodium means that you will retain water better than normal when you are dieting.

Cholesterol Receptor Drop Out Food Effectiveness

If you have high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol or triglycerides, then using matcha tea as a way to lower those levels is incredibly beneficial and can make seeing results from medication incredibly fast. With just one cup per day getting rid on top doctors recommendations can prove too difficult, but with a little bit more it becomes very easy and very quick results can happen. Combine the two diets (if necessary) and see what happens!

How Many Calories Does Matcha Tea Have?

Depending on what kind of milk that you use when brewing your Matcha Tea provides different amounts of calories per serving. If you use whole milk instead of 2% milk however, then each cup will provide fewer calories since 1% doesn’t contain as much cream protein as 2% does. This isn’t something that most people would notice though since typically people use half & half or heavy whipping cream when they make their coffee drinks anyway, so they wouldn’t notice much difference anyways.. Unless You Are Trying To Diet: In which case using heavy whipping cream or even latte butter for mixing may be helpful!

As I mentioned before, doing stews and boils with teas often increases the calorie content greatly depending on what kind of teas you are using. Since Matcha isn’t as strong as some other types of teas however, such as Thai Tea or Hong Kong OolongTea for example, it doesn’t receive the same treatment during processing and still retains its original calorie count despite being mixed with hot water. It also holds onto some flavour really well even after boiling , so even if you did add some sugar while making it yourself there will be plenty left over after preparing it yourself so long as you didn’t burn it off beforehand!.

In conclusion ,ranking near the top end when it comes to nutrition while also not being too strong on taste makes picking up a bag o’matcha tea bags an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new beverage habit! Even if we aren’t looking strictly at nutrition anymore however, due to obesity being at an all-time high and diabetes becoming more common amongst younger generations; focusing on wellness rather than just performance gains is important now more than ever before! exercise included 🙂

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