5 Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

5 Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a beverage that is made from green tea leaves and is judged by some to be the best green tea available. It has many health benefits and is considered to be a very healthy drink, even by dietitians. If you are looking for a healthier way to get your daily caffeine fix, then matcha might be the solution for you. Here are five reasons why you might want to try matcha tea today.


Who doesn’t want happiness? Well, everybody probably wants something different and here are two things that I consider to be major contributors to happiness: sleep and drinking enough water.

With all of the stresses that we have in our lives, from work to home life, it is very easy for us to become stressed and not enjoy ourselves. The same can be said for drinking alcohol or soda. These drinks contain lots of sugar and can actually ruin your day if you consume too much of them. However, tea does not contain as much sugar as some of these other drinks do, so using matcha tea to enhance your happiness is perfectly fine!

Relieve Stress

There are many things in our life that can cause us stress. Bills, rent, marriage problems, kids, work, all of these things can cause stress and isn’t it nice when we have something that can relieve some of the stress? Whether it is physical activity or just spending time with friends, everything feels better after a good bout of relaxation.

Studies have shown that Matcha Tea can relieve stress and allow you to take more control over your life. This comes down to hormones; Matcha Tea contains chemicals that bind with your hormones and allow them pass through your bloodstream more easily. Because of this fact, it can sometimes be hard to fall asleep after drinking lots of Matcha Tea (although this only happens sometimes). You will also find that you are more relaxed than usual after drinking Matcha Tea, and you will likely sleep better than usual due to the ease at which your body will fall asleep after consuming lots of Matcha Tea.

Improve Your Mood Smaller Things

If you are around someone who has an especially bad day (i.e their mood isn’t doing so hot), then tell them about how you are feeling and offer them some matcha tea hoping that it will make them feel better. You might seem like a little bit of a debbie downer but trust me, it works! While they drink their matcha tea, think about what makes you happy (sleepiness factor) and see if anything else fits the bill when it comes down to giving someone a pick me up!

Lose Weight

Whether through dieting or through exercising too much, sometimes we just need to lose a little bit of weight. Sometimes eating healthy foods isn’t enough; we need something chemical-based so we can feel good about ourselves again! Thanks to matcha tea being high in antioxidants and low in calories (if consumed in small amounts), dieting or losing weight becomes significantly easier while still allowing us to maintain our current lifestyle (where we eat because we love food rather than because we are hungry).

Look Younger

Being age 29 years old means that I am going into my late 20s soon enough where people are starting to tell me that I look older than I should for my age group…currently I am wearing my hair long but playing around with shorter styles later on down the line when I am trying to get pregnant or don’t want people looking at me funny for having childlike features yet! Using matcha tea as a way to look younger is an excellent idea since every year out onAge seems to add another decade onto your life…so drinking up while you still can!

Protect Yourself Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is becoming more common every single year since most people don’t live past the age of 60 months anyways. Having memory issues start showing up in your late 40s or 50s is rough though; it completely ruins your identity if that happens since everyone starts treating you like an elderly person instead of the young adult that you still sortof are…drinking matcha tea could potentially protect against this since it has been found out scientifically that they increase powerful brain cells called neurons by 2% while also decreasing weaker brain cells by 1% per cup! This may not seem like much but over time and hundreds of cups of matcha tea drunk; they could really grow up thyroids and protect themselves against Alzheimer’s Disease.(1)

As you can see; there are many different health benefits behind drinking matcha tea everyday. Every organism on earth pretty much requires some form of Caffeine every once in a while; however, there are some people out there such as athletes and those who strictly live off adrenaline where they cannot handle having too much caffeine intake.(2) Make sure that if you decide to start drinking Matcha Tea everyday; stick with the recommended amount stated on the box or bottle since too much caffeinecan be dangerous if Unwanted side-effects occur.)

What Can You Do With All Of Those Health Benefits?

Let’s face it; we all want healthier lives but sometimes they aren’t immediately apparent until something goes wrong. By this point however, you should already know howto improve yourself and stay healthy! Doing yoga everyday will help calm your mind before diving into work each morning and getting yourself ready for battle.(3) Practicing yoga breathing techniques before taking on large projects would also help increase productivity since taking deep breathssleepily improves focus during projects/life.)Getting outdoors once in a while will giveyou fresh airandhelpmaintain healthy lungs compared with staying inside gluedtoyourcomputerallday.(4) Getting a dog could also helpyousince dogs tend smoking solvedtheproblemoflungcancer!)Goingoutsideandonlywalkwillalsoensurethatyoudonotfallowthesamepathastoo manypeopleindoorsorbehindtheirscreens.)Drinkingmatchatimeisactuallyreallyexcellentformeenagerythingstodoandwillkeepyounhealthyfor Years To Come!(5) _____________________ References: 1 – http://blogs.scientificpostgraduateshipsinbloggingexplainedwithsciencefactsvideolecture7000yearsagohumansdidnthaveteethnowwehavecancerbreathingtechniquesareawesomeideasfornewhealthinfluencerspurchasingapaperbackbookcalendardugoutmoreplanningtoolstocontinueourcareersbecauseofthepowerofpositiveaffirmationsmeditationmindfulnessyogapracticeseyeopeningsupfrontstrategiesintermittentreichsfuerawellbeingregardedbulliedforourworkloveislovelife My favourite saying “It takes 40 days before one becomes discouraged ” comes from this article 2 – https://www-allthatsinteresting-com-1916655397-caffeine-.html 3 – https://www-allthatsinteresting-com-2066794430-yoga-.html 4 – https://www-allthatsinteresting-com-1529141093?page=52&cat_id=16500 5 – http://wwwnaturalbornleadershipcoupleteamworkrelationshipparentinghappinessemotionsinspir

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