5 Best restaurants inCairo

5 Best restaurants inCairo

Where to Eat in Cairo

Eating in Cairo can be a bit of a struggle for new restaurants, as well as traditional restaurants that have been around for generations. However, the government has allowed a lot of small and medium-sized restaurants to proliferate, and it is your best chance of getting them when you search through the statistics that come from the internet. There are many different ways that you can find good food in Cairo, but here is how you can find great food at any price.


D’Z’s is one of the most popular restaurants in downtown Cairo and one of the few places that you can go to eat really good food at a reasonable price. D’Z’s is a vegetarian restaurant that does almost all the dishes on their menu (including raw meat) with local ingredients. The prices are incredibly low and they deliver right to your door. If you love seafood or eating at home, then D’Z’s is a wonderful place to try it out.


Zab is another great restaurant near your house that delivers right to your door. They do very high quality cuisine at an affordable price and they serve it really quickly so that you don’t waste too much time in front of the TV waiting for something to arrive. Zab uses locally grown vegetables on their plates and they give you freebie tickets if you take them back again to the kitchen; these tickets are only good for returning again if things haven’t worked out after first preparation. The prices are pretty low and if you get the chance to try Zab, go check them up close; they are good and worth it.

The Gourmandise

If you love shopping for old items and love getting new foods on occasion, then definitely worth checking out some gourmandise! While there may be less than optimal options for buying gourmands, there is still room left in your kitchen for some nice little tableware or glasses settees! Of course, most tablescapes aren’t going to be as nice as a fancy tablecover, so make sure that whatever kind of tableware or glassstases you want to get into something decent looking. There are even paper plate sets! You can use those if you want to get some paper plates or cups settees ready for your dinner setup!

The Bazaar at the Temple

In true Cairo style fashion, there is a bazaar right next to where you would normally hang out. This isn’t just any bazaar though; this was built around selling expensive items only because there weren’t many places offering cheap goods nearby. The prices here aren’t too high either and will keep most people happy because of this fact, since most people like cheap things when they get new equipment installed in their house or want some repairs done quickly within the month-old building block structure. This means that instead of having to pay nearly $60 per person for entry into this store alone, which would be nearly $100 total inside this store alone, you will only have to pay $10 or so per person just to make it past this part of the bazaar!


Another one of my favourite places along Al Aidi Street in downtown Cairo has long been known as “the worst restaurant ever” due to its terrible service and poor choices on dessert

Bakery At The Temple

There are many bakeries throughout Cairo today that offer delicious cakes and other desserts for sale at incredible prices. If anyone wants something really sweet but doesn‘t care about paying an outrageous price tag (such as me), then peanut butter bars are probably what they are looking for! Other delicious breads include leavening powders, chocolate muffins, pumpkin flours (which serve as excellent loaves), sandwich flour (which serves as excellent sandwiches) and cake flour (which serves as excellent loaves). If anyone wants something really yummy but has trouble paying attention due to their busy schedule or because they don‘t think they would enjoy eating it every day until morning…then check out Little Quarters Bakery & Store!, which sells yummy waffles every day during Ramadan fasting!!

Harass Your Neighbours with Foodborne Diseases

Hearing about these sorts of things actually makes people happier after they receive those awful news messages about foodborne diseases being spread by children through their dinner dishes or served directly onto their plates during breakfasts . Much thanks must be given towards humanity toward these young children who constantly face potential death while consuming unappreciated foods daily.. It takes decades before we realise how much suffering we cause each year , so don`t forget about caring about how YOU feel about poor kids trying hard meals with barely-researched recipes . Here are four ways that bad attitudes towards food can make everybody miserable even more unpleasant than ever:

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