10 Reasons Green Tea Is Bad for You

10 Reasons Green Tea Is Bad for You

– It has too much caffeine

– It can be expensive

– It has less health benefits than regular tea

– It hasn’t been proven to have as many health benefits as other teas

– It doesn’t have the same taste as regular tea

– It doesn’t have the same colour as regular tea

– The effects of green tea aren’t as good as regular tea

– It takes a long time to master drinking it properly

– It is hard to find and drink from a bag

– Many people don’t like the taste of green tea

10 Reasons Green Tea Is Bad for You

It has too much caffeine

Green tea contains roughly half the amount of caffeine that black tea does, but due to how it is processed, you will get roughly the same amount of caffeine out of each cup. Caffeine is known to be quite bad for you, so limiting your intake of it is a good thing. However, since most people can’t seem to resist having that second cup, it holds true that there are times when having a high dose of caffeine isn’t necessarily a Good Things. This reason is because even though you may be limited on how much you can have, your body still responds very strongly to it, and you will likely suffer from some side effects.

It can be expensive

A normal amount for a cup of coffee is around 40 cents, but for green tea that price can increase quite a bit more depending on what kind of green tea you get. For the highest quality green tea, you are looking at roughly 60 cents per cup, which is just way too expensive for something that isn’t even close to being as good as coffee. If you are trying to eat healthy, then focusing on getting your protein from other sources rather than drinking high quality coffee is a great way to save money and make your diet significantly better.

It has less health benefits than regular tealc)n) Coffee has been shown numerous times over the years to have many health benefits both mental and physical. From reducing risk of suicide to improving memory and reducing anxiety, there isn’t much about coffee that this seems to counter. However, despite having many healthy properties, coffee does contain some ingredients that are potentially bad for you and should be avoided if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few components of coffee that make it less healthy than regular tealc)n).

Javabean is an ingredient that isn’t found in nearly enough foods in my opinion. Despite its name, Javabean isn’t actually a berry at all; instead, it is made from taking dried up stems and leaves off plants such as tear Gas or Eucalyptus plants. Despite being called “Javabean”, this product actually originates from India and South East Asia and wasn’t introduced until relatively recently thanks to people fermenting stuff out into beer (Which Javabean tends to go great with!). In any case, despite not being an actual berry, Javabean has plenty of health benefits on its own and was probably used originally because of how high up in the food chain it lives).

Chicory Root is the root part of an herb which can be found near Brussels sprouts in France. Thanks to folk medicine traditions dating back hundreds of years in Europe, chicory root has become widely accepted as a natural supplement which can help relieve minor stomach pains and even reduce nausea during chemotherapy sessions. However, despite its relatively small size (Even compared with other roots), chicory root can still contain some healing properties which makes it super valuable both historically and presently).In fact, studies have even shown that chicory root can possibly fight cancer cells under certain conditions! With these kinds of claims flying around online (although they haven’t been widely studied yet), we might see more supplements containing chicory root start showing up on store shelves very soon.

With all Of These Health Benefits Combined, You Would Expect…

Despite sounding like a healthy drink option (especially considering how expensive COFFEE is!), green tea actually has quite a few downsides when compared with certain other drinks options available out there today. Even though I know next to nothing about nutrition/dietary advice etc., I would still advise against drinking green tea unless you really want one unhealthy beverage after another. That being said,…If you enjoy drinking black & white teas or okuda mixes then give giving green tea a try! You might enjoy it! Or maybe switch over completely to using 100% black & white teas instead? That would sure make me happy! Whatever your choice may be; do whatever makes you happy! If drinking lots of unhealthy drinks makes you happy then go right ahead! But if making an effort to become healthier makes you happier; then by all means do so! Afterall…That’s what matters at the end of the day right? 😀

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