10 Benefits of Green Tea

10 Benefits of Green Tea

that You might not Know

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages on earth, and for good reason. It is delicious, and can have quite a bit of benefits to it. Here are just ten of the benefits of drinking green tea that you might not know.

10. Green Tea Can Help Reduce The Effect Of Stress

If you are someone that experiences stress often, then you know how important it is to have a drink that you can reach for that will help relieve some of the stresses in your life. Many people struggle with anxiety and stress all the time, and until you learn how to handle your stress, you won’t be able to enjoy life to the fullest. One way that people have been taught how to handle their stress is by sipping on tea, since it is considered a healthy thing to do anyways.

9. It Has Antioxidants That Can Help Protect You From Ageing

An important part about ageing is free radicals and oxidative damage to your body. Both of these are associated with very bad skin conditions and can become age spots when they aren’t treated. antioxidants in foods can protect you from some of these conditions, but eating lots of fruits and vegetables isn’t always easy. Drinking green tea on a daily basis can give you plenty of antioxidants that will help protect your skin against the damaging effects of age.

8. It Can Help Relieve Stress If You Have Social Anxiety

If you suffer from social anxiety, then you might already be aware that drinking alcohol or caffeine can sometimes make your condition worse instead of better. However, drinking green tea has been shown before hand to help ease some of the stresses of social anxiety (1). If you haven’t tried it yet, then giving yourself a small baggy each day to drink out of could be something that you want to try, as it has been known to help those with social anxiety tremendously.

7. It Can Help Reduce Bad Hormones If You Have Thyroid Problems

If you have any problems with your thyroid, then drinking green tea could be harmful and should be avoided. However, if you do have thyroid problems, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, then drinking green tea can actually help relieve some symptoms (2). Whether this happens because the catechins in the tea block absorb into your system slowly and help improve blood flow throughout your body or becauseof other ingredients in the drink are responsible for this feeling remains unknown at this time though research is being done into why this happens.

6. It Can Boost Your Energy Level For Those Long Hours That You Are Workout

If you work out for long hours every day, months at a time sometimes, then your body will begin to feel tired eventually no matter what kind of exercise you do. If you have drank any kind of coffee or soda during your workout session, then having a cup or bottle of green tea will really set things right again in your body since those drinks don’t contain any nutrients that would help keep you energized throughout your workout (3). Making sure that you have plenty of food and water around whileyou are working out is also recommended so that yourself and your stomach don’t protest too much whileyou are working out.

5 . It Can Help Reduce Inflammation In Your Body While Keeping Your Diet Healthy

In today’s society it is really common for people to smoke cigarettes or eat unhealthy foods because they are used to them rather than because they think those things are good for them (or at least their health). Changing up what we eat every once in a while isn’t always easy, but sometimes it is necessary if we want to keep ourselves healthy enoughto survive past our adolescence period.

Eating habits aside from health Effects include

4 . Green Tea Can Boost Your Metabolism While Keeping Your Belly Felt Good About itself

Since catechins in green tea bind strongly with iron (which is stored in your liver) , loading up on iron-containing foods such as red meat can cause an increase in the amount of iron absorbed into your bloodstream which can lead to dangerous consequences if excess iron isn’t properly handled by our bodies (4). Drinking green tea however has been shown before handto reduce iron levels significantly enough where we don’t experience these negative side effects (5).

3 . It Can Relieve Headaches And Back Pain Supportive Of Iron deficiency Anemia

People suffering from iron deficiency anemia may notice relief after drinking multiple cups (~5-6)of green tea per day over many weeks or months as their bodies acclimate themselves towards needing more iron.

2 . Green Tea Reduces The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease By Up To 30% Or Even More!

Drinking multiple cups (~5-6)of green teas per day has been knownto significantly reduce cardiovascular disease risk by approximately 30% relative to someone who doesn’t drink any kind of teatox at all! This risk goes down even further if they add in other dietary changes such as quitting smoking or getting more exercise (6)!

1 . Green Tea ContainsMa Huang Which Is AatinWhich Decreases Appetite Signals To Your BrainHow Important Is Food To Us?Food is one way that we humans cope with our emotions; whether it is happiness through eating cookies or sadness through eating ice cream doesn’t really matter too much outside the realmof science fiction ; what does matter thoughis how our bodies reactto certain foods when we eat them . Cations such as potassium found in many fruitsand vegetables cause our brains to produce noradrenaline which makes us feel happy through actionssuch as releasing dopamine which is important for focusand attention.

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